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So here you are in Fouesnant, at almost the very tip of Brittany, or more precisely in south Finistère – ‘the end of the earth’, yes, that’s right! Those already familiar with the area know that they’ve made the right choice of destination. But for those still hesitating about whether to make the journey across Brittany, here are five great reasons to come to Fouesnant! Whether you stay here for one or two weeks – or more even – or whether you are simply passing through, make sure you tick at least one of these five musts off your holiday to-do list.

1. Set sail for the Glénan Islands

When you think of Fouesnant, you think of the Glénan Islands. The archipelago is indeed part of the same municipality, which thus goes by the name of Fouesnant-Les Glénan. Locally, the islands are also nicknamed the ‘Breton Caribbean’ – Caribbean for their pristine white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and stunning seabed; Breton for the cold temperature of the water! Well, you can’t have it all, can you?

Beyond the picture postcard scenery, the Glénan Islands are an extremely protected ‘Natura 2000’ site. Visitors are required to keep to the decked walkway and to take any waste home with them. Here you don’t stack up stones for your photos; the beach and the natural landscape will be enough to leave your head filled with memories to take home. Did you know that the Glénan Islands are home to an endemic variety of flower that blooms for only several weeks a year? It is called the Glénan narcissus.

One last thing: is it Glénan or Glénans? It’s a good question to ask. There is no ‘s’ on Glénan in its proper noun form. However, the other spelling is indeed used, but only when referring to the sailing school ‘Les Glénans’. So, now you know it all, you’ll be able to impress people with your local trivia!

2. Explore the coves

Of the 14 kilometres of beaches that border the coastal path in Fouesnant-Les Glénan, the section of coast between Cap-Coz and Beg-Meil is absolutely not to be missed. It is here that you will find beautiful tiny coves of fine sand, some of which can only be accessed from the GR34 hiking path. Facing fully east, they are bathed in light in the morning, and are ideal for family picnics. In the afternoon, you can find shade there, which is a welcome bonus when it’s hot.

Prefer wide open spaces? Not to worry! There are beaches to suit everyone in Fouesnant.


3. Visit the Mousterlin Polder and the Mer Blanche lagoon

Of course you know that Fouesnant has beaches – in fact some of the most beautiful beaches in Brittany can be found here. But that’s not all there is to discover. Just a short distance from the coast, you’ll find a complete change of scenery and atmosphere.

For this, head to Mousterlin point, from which two spits stretch out on either side. To the right, there is a five-kilometre long dune terminating in a small tidal estuary – this is the Mer Blanche or ‘White Sea’. To the left, you have Mousterlin polder. Unlike the Mer Blanche, the inflow of seawater into this marshy area is controlled to a certain extent by man-made structures. A whole ecosystem has developed here. You’ll find greener, more wooded surroundings, with only the murmur of the waves beyond the trees to remind you that the sea isn’t far away.

Fans of birds and peaceful places will love it here, especially should they spend a while in one of the three bird watching posts.


4. Enjoy water sports

If you come to Fouesnant, you should make sure you have a go at one of the water sports on offer. There really is something for everyone and every level. La Forêt bay is the ideal spot for almost all nautical pursuits, with the exception of surfing and wind sports, which we leave to our neighbours on the west coast. Fouesnant is a paradise for catamaran and dinghy sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, sea wading and even electric surfing! You can either take to the water on your own or enjoy the supervision of an instructor, and all year round at that too. Ready to dive in and get wet?


5. Indulge your foodie side

You are probably already aware that Brittany has its own culinary specialities. They include crêpes made from buckwheat or traditional wheat flour, cider, salted butter, the kouign amann, kig ha farz, gâteau breton, far breton, andouille sausages, salted butter caramel… is your mouth starting to water yet? If so, you must be a lichou. Or in other words a foodie! You simply must make the most of your visit to Fouesnant to try these regional specialities, as well as Fouesnant’s very own delicacies – the local AOC cider, honey, andouille sausages, biscuits, apples and kiwis will have you in for a treat!